My name is Michael Mueller and I’m a husband, father of two and a software architect.


For the last five years I’ve worked at CSG International working to advance back office experience for telecommunication companies, helping them better manage the products and pricing for their customers, and decreasing the time to market for new products.

My tenure with CSG International began when the company I was working for, Telution, was acquired. I worked a software developer at Telution for about 18 months prior to the acquisition. At Telution I worked on solution very similar to that at CSG, but on a smaller scale (Telution was a 100 employee company, whereas CSG is about 10x that size).

My first job was with Allstate. I worked as a developer/analyst working for two lines of insurance (Deerborn and Encompass).

When I’m not working on my day job, I maintain an application that I wrote for Laser Products. Their flag ship product the LT-55 XL uses the software that I developed several years back which captures the dimensions of existing counter tops and provides a lightweight CAD application to create and estimate the layout for countertops. Currently about 1,100 units are in use throughout the world.


Michael & Tracy Mueller
For just over 5 years I’ve been married to my wife Tracy. We have two boys, Luke who is two and a half years old, and Miles who is about 5 months old. The four of us live in a suburb to the southwest of Chicago, called Tinley Park.