What to Expect

When I decided that I wanted to start writing this blog I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t something that simply fizzled out after a couple of blog posts.  For me that meant setting expectations about what I will be blogging about and how frequently I will post new blogs.

What will I blog about

I’m a Software Architect developing large scale n-tiered business applications for the telecommunications industry.  Many of the business problems that I run into there don’t translate well into a readable blog, so I’ll likely stay away from those topics.  Some of the technical challenges I run into there are fairly interesting so I hope to translate those experiences into blog posts.

I manage a small business for my wife and myself.  That business does consulting, sales support, and maintains a counter top measuring application, written in .NET, for Laser Products.  This seems to be a good source of blog material for me.  Working with a client, getting feedback from customers, managing the business side of things, and working through the software development of this application are all things I plan on discussing here.

I’ve been married for a little over 5 years to my wife, Tracy, and we have two boys, Luke and Miles.  While there is no shortage of happenings in this area of my life, communicating these to the outside world seems much better suited for Facebook or Twitter.  These happenings may leak into this blog, but I’d expect them to be few and far between.  Follow me on Twitter or friend me in Facebook if you’re interested in learning more about this aspect of my life.

I wouldn’t call it a hobby, but there is one thing that I’ll stay up late or ignore the wife/kids for an opportunity to do, Cooking.  I love creating great food, and I love eating out (most likely because my daily meals involve timeouts and being climbed on by a two year old).  This defiantly has taken a back seat with the kids, but when I have the chance I still love to take a couple hours a cook a meal, or enjoy a dinner out with my wife. Things like meals that I’ve had or meals that I’ve created I plan on writing about here.

How often will I blog

I set a simple goal for my self regarding the frequency of my blog posts, one blog post every two weeks.  Managing my career, spending time with the family, and keeping the house together consume a considerable portion of my day, and all of those things are extremely important to me.  I figured that two posts a month shouldn’t disrupt those activities to much and still give me an opportunity to blog over 25 times during the first calendar year.  Who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself and post these blogs more frequently.

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