Spicy Grilled Shrimp

One of the many benefits of the weather being warmer then usual during a Chicago November, is grilling during football season.  I had some people over to my house to watch the Bears game (Detroit @ Chicago), and I decided to grill up some shrimp for the first quarter.  I found this online, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/thai-spiced-barbecue-shrimp/, and figured it was worth a shot.

I used pre-cooked, detailed, deveined, shrimp.  This did two things.  First the prep time was significantly reduced and I didn’t have to clean a ton of shrimp.  I used about two pounds of 35 count shrimp so this probably saved me about 20 minutes.  Second the cook time was reduced and the shrimp turned out a little too chewy.  I ended up doing a minute and half per side on a 500 degree grill.

Despite my usage of the pre-cooked shrimp these tuned out great.  The sauce was excellent and folks were dipping bread into it after we ran out of shrimp.  Defiantly recommend if you’re looking for great shrimp that isn’t just fried or swimming in butter.

Here is a photo when they first hit the grill, and then once they were cooked (sorry a little blurry on the cooked side):

Uncooked      cooked

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