A couple weeks back I decided that I am going to try and step outside my comfort zone and attempt to improve my written communication skills.  I thought about this for a little while and decided the best course of action for that would be to:

  1. Purchase a web domain and a hosting package
  2. Set up a blog on the newly created web site
  3. Create several pages to help my online presence
  4. Post a blog every two weeks

The first portion was pretty simple.  Navigate to and purchase a URL and some hosting.  GoDaddy makes it pretty simple and I’ve been purchasing URLs from them for several years so it was a pretty easy process.

Setting up the blog was a little more difficult.  The hosting package that I purchased from GoDaddy allowed me to pretty easily configure a WordPress blog and get it up and running, but there were several tweaks that were then needed.

  1. Find a theme that I like (found mine here)
  2. Install the theme on my web server
  3. Modify the header and footer with my personal information 
    1. Add author tags (thank you Scott Hanselmen – authorship)
    2. Modify the copywrite information
  4. Ensure that I can post to the site with ease

By far this last step was the most difficult.  I wanted to be able to write my articles while offline and then post them onto the website.  A quick search netted me Window Live Writer as a offline blog editing tool.  Because I’m a software developer much of this blog will be related to my experiences there so I wanted to ensure I could share code by publishing to the blog.  That required a SyntaxHighligher WordPress plugin to be downloaded locally, ftp’ed it up to the webserver, and then activated in the addins dashboard for the blog site.  Finally I needed Windows Live Writer to be able to let me add code content.  That required searching the internet and finding the PreCode Snippet addin which handles this portion nicely.

Now that I have the website up and running I’ll be able to focus on my original goal of writing and publishing that content.

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