The Perfect Home Network

After struggling with my personal home network for several months I finally have my home network setup perfectly (or as perfect as I’ll make it).


Network Setup

Here is where I ended up with the network devices for my house.

Hardware :

U-Verse Wireless Gateway – Connects voice, video, and data for my U-Verse service.

ZyXEL ZyWALL USG20 – Firewall and responsible for issuing IP addresses.

D-Link DAP-1522 x 2 – Wireless access points.  I have them on opposite ends of the house connected to the ZyXEL ZyWALL USG20 via Cat6.


The U-Verse Wireless Gateway connects to the ZyXEL router which handles all the IP addressing for the network.  The two D-Link wireless access points are then connected via Cat6 and positioned on opposite ends of the house.  Then using the instructions from Scott Hansleman’s post (here), the two wireless access points broadcast on the same SSID with the same credentials allowing seamless wireless connectivity throughout the house.  The D-Link Access points forced me to switch to Access Point mode, which turns off any IP addressing which allowed the ZyXEL to take all that on.

The total cost for this was close to $250, so it isn’t for the faint of heart.  However, since installing this system 8 months ago I haven’t had a single Wi-Fi issue, and very good to excellent signal strength in all corners of my house.

The final step was to create a simple HTML page with links to all my devices admin pages.  I share that to all my machines using SkyDrive, but comes in handy if I need to make any changes.



Wire everywhere you can

I ended up having to run wire to my home office on the first floor to my wired network in the basement.  Having a finished basement didn’t help, but I was use a wire snake and some ingenuity to get Cat6 into the office.  This replaced a problematic wireless bridge that I was using before to connect my office to my network.  The result was network speeds of ~560mbps, which was a huge improvement from my previous ~60mbps.


75 Feet Cat6 Cable x 2 – I ran a Cat6 cable to my TV at the same time as the office and the den share a wall.

NETGEAR GS105 – Gigabit Switch – Simple switch in the office that allows me to connect multiple device with network cables.

Keystone Wall Plate(s) and Connectors – Plates to ensure I don’t just have wires coming out of my walls.  I use male female connectors, but you can just as easily splice your own Cat6 cables and use other connectors.

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The Perfect Hot Dog

Nothing fancy here.  Just the perfect hot dog.


1. Steam hot dog in microwave by wrapping in a paper towel cooking at 70% power for 60 seconds

2. Add Garlic Salt

3. Add Mustard

4. Add Giardiniera


Run batch file within Sublime Text

After some digging I was able to figure out how to run a Windows Batch File (.bat) from within Sublime Text.  Simply add a Build System with the following and when editing a batch file ctrl + b will run the file sending the output to the Sublime Text output window.

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Nearly Finished Garage

After several months and several individual projects the garage is finally almost complete.  Everything is falling into a place we’re finally able to get the items that aren’t kid friendly are off the floor.

Custom shelves, and 30 feet of Fast Track garage organization system.



Custom shelves built around the fridge.



Custom table for storage above and below.


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Removing Accents From Layer Names

I recently discovered an issue with an application I wrote.  The app allows for interactions with a laser and encoder for a CAD like experience to measure counter tops.  When the app was running in Brazilian Protégées my export to DXF was failing.  Turns out the AutoDesk application won’t allow accents within the layer name.

Here is the utility class I created to perform the translation to non accent characters.

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